About Maxime Velthuis

Hi, My name is Maxime Velthuis I am 26 years old and I live in The Hague in the Netherlands. As an artist I love to explore the world. I get inspired alot, by music, cinema, science, nature and other artists. I started with creating art to feel the joy in learning and creating something new. To face the fear of faillure and overcoming this by myself. To become more confident in learning and growing without the pressure of anyone else's judgement. This has turned out to be my greatest treasure and joy.

Through art we can express the beauty of each moment in life and experience the energy it brings in this world. This is what I aim to express with all my artworks. I hope it moves your mind, body and soul. Experience this world with me, and dare to fall uninhibitedly and most ardently in love with your own journey. My goal is that you feel the safety, energy and love, so much, there is no other way than to show the world your most inspired and most authentic self.


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