Thank you for your interest in a commissioned artwork of Maxime Velthuis.

Let me make a creation you can cherish for many years to come. I'd love to hear your dreams and ideas.

To make your unique and precious piece of art, to cherisch till the end of time. I promise you that with every artwork I will put my energy, my heart and soul into.

Thank you for your compassion.

Maxime Velthuis


How to order a commission?

  1. Schedule an appointment with me. For this appointment €50,- will be charged. During this appointment we talk about the story you would like your artwork te tell. I wil also give you advise on several points which can be helpfull in this proces. This payment in non-refundable and will be included in the final invoice.

  2. What size would you like the artwork to be?
    imensions (x, x, x) in cm.

  3. What surface would you prefer, paper, wood, canvas, mural?

  4. At what time frame would you like to receive the artwork?

  5. What is your place of residence?

Please fill in these questions and apply them in the contactpage.

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