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"Evanescence" Original painting

"Evanescence" Original painting

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"Evanescence" Acrylics on linen 60 x 80 cm

This artwork makes me realize how impermanent life is and how important it is to be connected to your own energy. Reflection we do in silence, while change comes from movement. This alternation is necessary to be balanced and connected to ourselves. While creating this artwork, I was reminded of the ephemerality of a connection, of time, a moment, a feeling or a thought. In this fast-paced world, we tend to want to much and to fast. When we are in silence, sitting still or observing a situation, it can create the feeling that it doesn't contribute anything in our daily lives. This artwork is a reminder for everyone to connect with your energy and with your surroundings, in the way you prefer. In silence or in movement. Life is impermanent and connection is necessary for our soul.


Acrylic paint on linen. Certificate of authenticity included.


60 cm x 80 cm


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