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"Soul" Original painting

"Soul" Original painting

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"Soul" Acrylic painting 60 cm x 80 cm

This artwork has inspired me to carry out activities that feed my soul. To check within myself which energy my soul lacks and aligning activities which can generate this energy in me. While making this artwork I became very aware of this. Aware of the fact that we, ourselves are responsible for feeding our soul and only we, above anyone else are capable to sense our energy correctly.

Apart from this awareness, the process of this artwork was also special.

Every progress I made was super exciting because I had no expectation of the end result. With every painting session the motivation to give her attention but without a plan which part and/or what materials. Some moments went better than other moments,  there were plenty of times when I thought I had ruined the artwork. I tried to trust my feelings, observation skills and my painting skills and took each step with devotion and attention.

When I experienced frustration it helped me to stop for a moment and come back another time. Funny how taking space at such a time can really contribute to the process, and regaining the love and positive energy to start working again. As long as each step is taken with care and close to your dear soul energy.


Acrylic paint on linen. Certificate of authenticity included.


60 cm x 80 cm


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